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Brave Browser 1.9.88 64(Bit) Free Download 2021

Brave Browser 1.9.88 64(Bit) constantly blocks ads and tracker, manufacturing it safer than your current Web Browser. Its awesome how rapid a page loads you strip away everything but real content. Up to massive 60% of page load time is probe by underlying and technology that loads into different places  each time you hit you hit a page on your favorite news sites. And 20% of this time used on loading things that trying to learn more about you.

Brave under hood ,is a chromium-Based Web Browser  which means that its achievement and Web Browser which means that its achievement and Web congeniality are very similarly to other Browser based on chromium .Brave for windows PC stops online surveillance, leads content  faster, and uses 35% less battery.

Features and Highlights:

Browse Faster 

It blocks trackers and invasive  ads that can slow  you down on web

Browser Safer 

It carries you and your information safer, definitely shielding you from 3rd party tracking and .

Browse Better:

With the web navigator you can choose whether  to see ads that esteem your privacy or pay sites directly another way , you can feel good about helping fund content producers.

Blocks harmful advertising

The new ad game in town its called Malvertising. The latest  show ad technology can install malver on your laptop without your knowledge , But not with brave watching your back.

Redirects Sites to HTTPS

WE HAVE UNIFIED HTTPS  Everywhere into every internet browser confirm you are always moving your bites across the safest possible pipe .

Blocks tracking Pixels and Tracking cookies 

Do you ever get that feeling anis watching you when you see an ad for something you bought a some days ago? we confirm you, you are not being tracked while you shop online ad browse your favorite sites.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have pay brave to go ad free. No brave will always be free to utilize you don’t need to pay to block ds and tracking .Are all ads blocked or can users allow some or all. Tracking Scripts and ads that depend on them blocked by defaulter. You can allow ads and tracker shields setting globally and for each site

Product Key:





What’s New:

  • We added onboarding for new users
  • We made some small changes to the home button functionality
  • All your tabs won’t close the browser now, unless you decide to in settings
  • And we made a few other small fixes.

What is Brave Rewards?

Brace Rewards permits you to earn and give producers with the Brave Rewards, you can enable ads to earn anonymously and get paid for your attention  and utilize the earnings to give producers anonymously for the content, If you use an upload wallet for contributions , then any contribution made the producers is visible to upload your bank and is no longer.




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