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Clean Mail Server:

Clean Mail Server is an anti-spam and anti-virus filter, designed to provide complete email protection. This program protects you from spam and any email-driven malware such as viruses and phishing emails. It has a built-in POP3 Connector to receive messages from the POP3 server and send these messages to your SMTP server. Users have the option to decide whether they want to issue an email, delete it, or whitelist a particular email address or domain that they trust.

Clean Mail Server With Serial Keygen Free Download:

Clean Mail Server With Serial Keygen Free Download


Clean Mail Server webmail client, which allows users to send and receive email through a web browser or mobile device. It has full support for IMAP mailboxes and optional email server mode that uses EXIM as an MTA. Features include Scheduler, MySQL backend support, spellcheck, address book, calendar user preferences, multiple accounts, spam Asian support, migration scripts from other mail servers, a customizable interface, an elegant AJAX interface, optional group sharing Calendar / Address Book included. And Outlook plugins to sync contacts/task/calendar data between a desktop, mobile, and webmail client or other email users.


Clean Mail Server can optionally save outbound and outbound emails. Should you ever lose an email, or need to confirm what an email said, we can provide that information when requested. The archive of emails is stored securely in our data center and cannot be accessed directly from the Internet for security reasons. Every business that uses email is at risk of email risk, TEM Network believes that every business, regardless of size, deserves the same level of protection.


  • is one of our essential products.
  • It is proudly proud of designed from the ground up to provide enterprise.
  • Level protection against email-based spam and malware.
  • A great way to ensure that all outgoing emails comply with company policy.
  • Filtering out or filtering marketing footers or content-based emails.
  • It can implement in-house solutions to prevent spam and malware.
  • It requires constant investment and significant investment in capital to maintain.
  • It Will was not effective unless you have a large number of mailboxes.
  • High volume email organization.
  • Alternatively, you can sign up for cloud-based spam.
  • Filtering solution run by people you’ve never met and hope your email is secure.
  • That there is no delay in accessing the servers in-country service fails to disrupt your business.


  • This utility supports SMTP and POP3 transparent proxies and connectors.
  • While it enables you to use SSL cryptographic protocol with just a click of a button.
  • It is connecting to your server and account.
  • Choice can be made quickly with a wizard-like popup window.
  • Also, it is possible to add sender names to a white or blacklist.
  • Block attachments, and add long lists for filters, viruses, and spam.
  • Belays, and DNSBL (DNS-based blacklist) – as a graphical representation.
  • In a dedicated tab, incoming and outgoing traffic can be easily viewed.
  • Login details are also available in another tab and can be opened in Notepad.
  • While with just a click of a button, you can copy IP addresses.
  • Hostnames and articles to the clipboard.


Clean Mail Server can help you quickly protect your email accounts from spam and malware messages received from different users. Regardless of whether or not they are in your contact list, you can save your inbox in a couple of clicks with just a few nasty or potentially dangerous messages.

Clean Mail Server With Serial Keygen Free Download

Highly Compressed:

Clean Mail Server a search function enables you to browse the contents of your mail storage quickly and efficiently refreshes the statistics of blocked, outdated, and unfiltered messages into a dedicated panel. Can be done To conclude, Clean Mail is an instrumental piece of software that works to shield all malware on the Internet and your email account. The interface is intuitive and easy for everyone to use, tasks are completed promptly, and computer performance is unaffected.


Clean Mail Server has ever made a mistake, and our optional mail bagging service will ensure that your email is received and your mail server queued for immediate delivery. Although email will, no one will ever be affected by the disruption to your email service, even if your server is closed for several days. Easy to use Once created, each user will receive a summary of daily emails that have as suspected spam.

Product Keys:

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